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Artists have the power to arouse strong emotions in us. A large number of them manage through their works to convey messages that have a great impact.

Contemplating certain pieces brings serenity, joy or allows you to travel around the world.

We love art! We love artists! This is the reason why the gallery promotes artists with high potential and exhibits artists whose notoriety is well established. We are also happy to have artists who come from various backgrounds.  

So come quickly and discover our artists.

Come and travel through their works!

Madina BA

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We love art! We love artists! This is the reason why we promote creative people with high potential and we exhibit artists whose notoriety is no longer to be established.

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Open to art

Going through art and culture seems to us a simple detour to open up, to go towards "The Other" and to discover our similarities, our differences, our riches.

Spirit of sharing

Sharing the cultures, the ideas, the knowledge, the values ​​and learning those of others is our greatest motivation.


Integrity and transparency are fundamental values ​​that we carry. We make it a point of honor to be fair and honest with the people we work with: artists, partners, clients.


Being creative means valuing difference and innovation!


We have a real commitment to the young talents that we want to put in the sights and to whom we offer a showcase.

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Les Arts du Soleil Genève 
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+41 22 301 33 00
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Les Arts du Soleil Dakar

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Villa n 163
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