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Art critic Sylvain Sankale

The “Au fil du lien” exhibition in Dakar speaks of love, friendship and openness.

The current health context is pushing for introspection. What is essential?
The newborn, from its first hours on earth, needs food and human warmth. This bond, this love given by the other is vital to him.

It is an honor for us to welcome for his first trip abroad "The fresco of the art of the new world", a magnificent work by 111 visual artists living in 44 different countries.
This gigantic fresco, 10 m long and 2.10 m high, is crowned and accompanied on its journey by a fabulous poem written by 44 poets.

In addition to this fresco, our licier artists Ibra Ndiaye and Lamine Ndiaye present magnificent works woven with art and love. A harmonious whole emanates from all these yet different threads.

Come and discover these beautiful works and experience a


Art critic Sylvain Sankale

We thank from the bottom of our hearts Mr Sylvain Sankale, art enthusiast, writer, collector and lawyer, for this magnificent text on Angèle Etoundi Essamba and the exhibition “Droit de regard”.

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