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Our gallery loves all sort of art. Photography for us is a fantastic way to deliver feelings and emotions. Decorate your home, office, restaurant or hotel with amazing pictures. Impress your guests by creating an unique atmospher. 


Etoundi Essamba

Douala, Cameroun


Angèle Etoundi Essamba is an artist engaged in a reflection on the identity of the African woman. For nearly thirty years, she has observed the world through the women she photographs. Her images are imprinted with the absolute will to know and understand. Her vision is at the same time aesthetic, idealistic, realistic and societal. She joins the spirit of humanist photography with a strong attachment to the values of communion.


The black woman constitutes the central element of her artistic expression. She aesthetically captures a vision of women and African culture by giving a new interpretation of contemporary Africa. Her work with stereotypical representations of women gives her subjects meaning and grandeur. Three key words define Angèle Etoundi Essamba's work: pride, strength and self-awareness.


In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.


Born in Cameroon, Angèle Etoundi Essamba left her country at 10 for France, then graduated from the Amsterdam school of photography where she now resides. Since his first exhibition in 1985 at Maison Descartes in Amsterdam, her work has been frequently exhibited in museums, institutions, biennials, fairs and galleries in Europe, Africa, the United States, Latin America and Asia.


Etoundi Essamba's photographs have been the subject of several works including: Passion 1989, Contrasts 1995, Symbols 1999, Noirs 2001, La Métamorphose du sublime 2003, Dialogues 2006, Voiles & Dévoilements 2008, Africa rising 2010, I- dentity 2010, As it is 2010, Africa see you, see me 2011, Desvelos 2011, Black & Red beyond color 2012, Women of the water, 2013, Invisible, African Women in action 2015, Force et Fierté 2016, Daughters of life 2018, Renaissance 2019.

Her work is also part of several private and public collections.


collection: Renaissance

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