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LEUNA NJIELE Noumbimboo ( Bimboo)


Born in 1996 in Garoua, Cameroon, Leuna has been following her artistic training since 2014 at the Nkongsamba Institute of Fine Arts until 2019 where she obtains her Master's degree in Arts

plastics "paint-video" option. She participated in Art-kéo workshops during her academic career. Marked by the beauty of Nature, the plant, animal and human universe are her sources, energies for her artistic practice. Leuna expresses herself through painting, collage and most recently video. She participates in several artistic residencies including the << young hopefuls competition residence edition 2 >> at the Ateliers Hervé youmbi in Douala, the << RIAC edition 9 >> at the Sahm workshops in Brazzaville and is currently in residence at the Studio 123 by artist Justine Gaga in Bonendale. She is also winner of the first prize in the 2021 young hopefuls competition (Pascal Martine Tayou prize) and the special women's prize in tribute to the artist Ginette Daleu. Member of the New Spirit collective, she lives and works in Douala, Cameroon.

In 2018 at the end of my studies at the Nkongsamba Institute of Fine Arts, I focus on the exploration of collage and the

painting. I always had this passion to paint flowers, trees, forests, butterflies and birds in the representation

bodies. These elements are part of the space we inhabit and which, every day, shapes us, absorbs us, challenges us on

our existence.

In 2019, I continue the research, this time by proposing hybrid bodies, half human half tree highlighting the side

motherhood of the woman.

The period of the coronavirus crisis does not leave me indifferent, I participate in the temporary exhibition project outside the hall

from the Mam gallery on the theme "Art against coronavirus". This exhibition was open to all, a strong awareness of the

pandemic scaring us. This work with characters modeled on plants highlights this period marked by a strong return

to natural plants for the well-being and survival of humans.

These are self-portraits. The period of confinement has been a continuous moment of observation, I take the risk in my

artistic practice of cutting out what has already been painted in order to stick it back together by recreating effects with the aim of exteriorizing my state.

That of the fear of human destiny threatened by a virus. At the moment there was an imbalance, a psychological disorder in the place of the human.

The act of sticking in my creative process is an ongoing attempt for me to redo, to carefully reconstruct

our sacred link to Mother Earth and its living beings with whom we are called to live together. In fact the body for me

is this space that I consider unfinished leaving me a possible to imagine and repaint to give a moving dimension of

the individual.

In 2022, a year where I find the right balance between the different tracks already covered. Images of printed landscapes

become matter and abounds in vegetable energy and captures the moments of this atmosphere in the environment. The earth

inspires me, manifested in a diverse and varied way. Given the speed with which our environment is changing, my works

bear witness to the value and beauty of a natural world to be preserved.



Individual exhibition

Collective exhibition

2019: Master in Plastic Arts option painting-video

2017: Bachelor's degree in Plastic Arts option painting-drawing

2014: German A4 Baccalaureate

2022: IN A NEW SKIN, French Institute of Yaoundé

2021: RAVY, edition 7, Yaoundé Cameroon


(Group exhibition in

as part of the 2021 young hopefuls competition), Doual'art, Cameroon

2021: THE INVISIBLE HUMANITIES, Galerie Année Kadji, Douala, Cameroon

2021: SENSITIVE APPROACH, Bolo space Art and Culture, Douala, Cameroon

2020: ARTu-ELLES INTERFERENCES, Kadji Gallery, Edition 1, Douala, Cameroon

2020: TRAIT D'UNION, Bushman Abidjan, Ivory Coast

2019: THE KAI, Galerie Année Kadji, Edition 1, Douala, Cameroon

2019: BALAMA (Bali Art Maket), Douala, Cameroon

2019: ARTHOME, Carré des Artistes, Douala, Cameroon

2019: DOUALA ART FAIR, Edition 2, Douala, Cameroon

2019: collective exhibition NEW SPIRIT at Restaurant le Paradis, Douala, Cameroon

2018: WOMAN POWER, Bandjoun Station in Bandjoun, Cameroon

2021: Young hopefuls competition residency, Edition 2, Ateliers Hervé Youmbi, Douala, Cameroon

2021: RIAC, Edition 9, Ateliers Sahm, Congo-Brazaville

2022: Residency in tribute to artist Ginette Daleu, Studio 123, Edition 1, Bonendale


2021: Winner of the FIRST PASCAL MARTINE TAYOU PRIZE in the Youth competition

Cameroon hopefuls

2021: SAHM ATELIERS DISCOVERY Prize in Visual Arts

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