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Marian Murawski

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

"One of the brightest and most talented minds of all time, Marian Murawski was a prestigious individual with many gifts - an exceptional musical ear, writing and storytelling expertise, and the greatest of them all, managing the final selection of education at the Academy of Fine Arts."

The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage in Poland.

Marian Murawski

was born on March 26, 1932 in Podleszczewo near Suwałki. Painter, graphic artist, illustrator of books, mainly for children

and youth. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw in 1960 with rector's honors(diploma in the studio of prof. Józef Mroszczak in the field of utility graphics and in the studio of prof. Wojciech Fangor in the field of painting). In the years 1960-1964 he worked as an assistant in the studio of prof. Mroszczak. He was

also a lecturer in illustration and book graphics at the Instituto Cubano del Libro in Havana.

Married to Elżbieta Radwan Krotkiewska, he stayed in Warsaw and together they created a lasting, loving and artistic marriage. They are among the greatest contemporary artists, as evidenced by domestic and international recognition.

Working with the LSW publishing house, he devoted himself to illustration of the book, innovative graphic designs, and the garment visual arts of works like - min. "A gust of painted wind" - of the oppositionist W. Woroszylski, or "Abduction of w

Tiutiurlistanie ", .W. Żukrowski, "Polish Fairy Tales", "Fairy Tales and Legends" by Sienkiewicz "Stara a fairy tale ”by Kraszewski or books by M. Wyszomirski.

Some of his awards which made Poland famous around the world include

Trophies by M. Murawski on the international scene: P rofessor

Wintituto del Libro in Havana, Cuba, medal - São Paulo International Biennale (team for Illustrations 1966)

Grand Prix - XII Biennial of Illustrations in Bratislava (1989)

2 x Golden Apple - 1st Biennial of Illustrations in Bratislava (1967)

Silver Medal - 5th International Graphic Biennial

Usable Brno (1972)

Golden Apple - 6th Biennial of Illustrations in Bratislava (1977)

Gold Medal - Premi Internacional Catalonia d & # 39; illustration

Barcelona (1988)

In 2022 Gold MedalIt established by The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage "GLORIA ARTIS FOR SERVICE TO CULTURE"

The winner is an outstanding creator of visual arts oil painting, illustration and poster.

The works of the present times are full of expression canvases, inspired by the landscape of their homeland, or pure imagination with innovative colors, diagonal dynamics of the construction of the picture, or painted with one gesture of visionary world of the artist's inner experiences for example, "The Bull of the Polish Race" and the series "Kukłady".

Marian Murawski is a true artist - he can shock the audience, amaze them, make them colossal.

The impression of the Platonic madness of the Muses - he created in the field, Wigry, Gawrych Ruda, as an eminent expert and critic writes -IN. Krauze - "Heavenly Tree, Heavenly Bird",

great sculptural project, for art, for people.

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